Saudi Riyal

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country and located in western Asia. It provides opportunities of employment to the people all over the world. Total area of Kingdom Saudi Arabia is approximately 830,000 km2 bordered with coastline of both Red sea and Persian Gulf. The official approved currency of this country is called Saudi Riyal which is normally denoted by SAR, and 1 SAR is made of 100 Halalas (singular = Halala). 

Saudi Riyal for sale

Laborer across the globe visits Saudi Arab for employment and earn money in Riyals. Then, they sent the money to their homes for living facilities. Similarly, nowadays the online trade and jobs are very common especially in young generation. So many times they get their profit in SAR and then they exchange it with local currency. The exchange of SAR to any local currency is very easy and attractive because it have a constant exchange to US dollar. For this exchange of currency, different dealers in the market are available but people often look for more profit and therefore, search for the dealer giving best profit in the market. Besteam shop is also one of the tested and trusted candidate trying its best to give maximum to their customers. Apart from SAR, it also deals with the exchange of other currencies like USD, AED etc.

Buy Saudi Riyal Bank Notes

The Saudi Riyal for sale currency is available in the coins (Halala and riyal) and in the form of notes (riyal) in the market. Coins are available in different denominations like 1 or 2 riyals, similarly, coins of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 denominations are available in the markets. Notes of SAR are available in the denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 00, 200 and 500. Notes have advantages on coins and can be easily handled. For international trade, and currency exchange, notes have many advantages over coins.

Saudi Riyal near me 

The advancement in technology introduced a new term for the world which is very popular by the name of “Global village”. People can trade buy and sale everything, everywhere and anytime by making use of computer and internet. This also makes the availability of SAR very easy for every individual of this universe. Due to the trust in this currency, the dealers often favors trade in SAR.

Counterfeit Saudi Riyal 

Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority have provided some silent features on the notes denominations of SAR to differentiate the fake currency from original. Some of the key points of 500 denomination note are below;

  • Note front is contains portrait of King Abdulaziz (L) and a picture of the Holy Kaaba.
  •  The picture Holy Mosque Al Mukarramah is positioned on the back of the note.

To resist the counterfeit, Saudi government passed resolution. According to which, a person with fake currency will be imposed to prison from 5 to 25 years with a fine from 30,000 to 500,000 SARs.   

SAR Amount

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SAR Denomination

Get 1 SAR notes, Get 5 SAR notes, Get 10 SAR notes, Get 50 SAR notes, Get 100 SAR notes, Get 500 SAR notes


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